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Double Fish Liu Shi Wen series Table Tennis Blade

Shi Wen SW series professional table tennis bladeadapt Doublefish unique Carbon molecule synthesis technology, Tailor-made softness woven carbon fiber, it is the innovation product that makes holding and speed perfectly combine.
Also, 3 woods and 2 carbons structure makes the blade light and have good hand feelings, W series adapt the new Aromatic carbon weaving technology, puts holding and speed perfectly combine.

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    Guangzhou, China
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    Liu Shi Wen series

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Shi Wen DF-S1

Choose the kou tou surface layer, highlight the advantages of hitting - fast, suitable for the short and medium - range arc quick play, be equally good at offence and defense.

Shi wen DF-S2

Choose thickened ayous surface layer, outstanding performance at holding and control, fast speed after the first drop, suitable for short and medium arc quick play, high attendance rate rate, strong stalemate.

Shi Wen DF-W1

Ash wood forsc layer, cypress surface layer, tough and full of resilient, it is the organic combination of ball controal and speed.Suitable for short and medium range arc quick play.

Shi Wen DF-W2

Cypress surface layer, extra large ayous core, Black walnut force layer in forehand and ash wood force layer in backhand, the attack of forehand is fast and hard, the ball controal of backhand is steady.

The forehand is suitable for medium and far - range fast attack, the backhand is be equally good at offence and defense.

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