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DF-G7 table tennis machine

Carton Size: 97x55x42cm

Rated Voltage: 100-240V

Mode: 8types Frequency: 30-80(balls/min)

Speed: 5-50m/s Side Spin Angle: ±45degree

Arc Adjustable Angle: ±23degree

Gross weight: 20kg

Net weight: 11kg

Load ball: More than 100pcs

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Table tennis robot DF-G7 Equipped with LED control box, and the led control box has some video can teach you how to play table tennis ball. The machine balls/min can up to 80 and 30. 

Table tennis machine is a necessary entertainment and training tool for many gymnasiums and players’ families. Table tennis machine is suitable for the use of society, schools, families and professional training venues. It can serve arbitrary top, bottom, left and right-handed balls, as well as all kinds of side-up and side-down mixed spin balls, which are driven by two wheels, so that the speed rotation can be adjusted separately, and it can also serve without turning the ball, close to real combat. Table tennis machine

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