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  • ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    This premium table tennis table suitable for championships. Approved by ITTF and NSCC. Silver Undercarriage + Blue Light

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    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2

    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2 Official Table for 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Final Size of the table top: 2740*1525 mm with frame of 50*20 mm Height of table: 760 mm (adjustable) Bounce: 220-250 mm Bounce Uniformity: ≤ 5 mm Top glossiness: ≤ 6 Degree of deformation for half of the top: ≤ 3 mm Friction factor of the table top: ≤ 0.4 Stability of the table: ≤ 3 mm Top color: Blue Undercarriage: Made of A3 steel plate Packaging size of the table top: 1600*1455*250 mm Gross weight: 62 Kg Packaging size of the undercarriage: 1650*400*400 mm Gross weight: 75 Kg Professional Official ping pong table for International sport competitions from Double Fish Sport Brand! Table Tennis Series product include Ping Pong Table/ball/blade and so on.

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    Official Table Tennis Table for Competitons XIANGYUN 328A

    Premium Double Foldable Portable Table Tennis Table, Compact design The new folding system minimizes the risk of injuries during table storage and moving. ITTF approved table tennis table.

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    Official Durable Table Tennis Table for World Tour 99-45B

    ITTF approved official durable table tennis table for international tournament. Thickness of table board: 25mm TOURNAMENT QUALITY – This professional-grade table is designed for the highest level of competition. PERFECT FOR FAMILIES – Offers premium play for all ages. Go head-to-head or fold up for individual practice. 2-inch heavy gauge steel supports hold up to the toughest challenges. A great centerpiece for your game room, den, or gym. EASY ASSEMBLY –Start playing in minutes with simple Assembly. High-quality net is equipped with locking clamps that are easily attached.

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  • Best Quality Ping Pong Ball

    Best Quality Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Ball

    Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Balls Conform to ITTF lastest T3 Technical Standards. Approved by ITTF and official balls for Table Tennis Team World Cup 2018 in London. Higher bounce ,Tougher,Safer and more Durable than traditional celluloid ABS seamed ball.

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  • hinoki 1 table tennis blade wholesale

    Double Fish hinoki 1 table tennis blade


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"Table tennis world, taste Chengdu", the World Table Tennis Championships team competition starts a one-month countdown

September 16,2022.

ITTF looks forward to an unprecedented event

The event slogan and medal design were officially released today

Media representatives can apply for remote media credentials and access exclusive content for the event

There is still one month left before the 56th ITTF World Table Tennis Team Championships (Final) Chengdu (World Table Tennis Team Championships) in 2022. On September 30, this table tennis event will kick off, when all eyes will be on Chengdu to witness the world's top teams attacking the championship.

Today, the event slogan "Celebrate Table Tennis With Chengdu" was officially released. The slogan not only highlights Chengdu's love for table tennis, but also expresses the ITTF's desire to have in-depth exchanges with the host city.

This event will be the only single international event held in China this year after the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, which is of great significance. The ITTF, China Table Tennis Association, the Organizing Committee of the event and relevant departments of the Chengdu Municipal Government will continue to work closely together to create the best and safest competition conditions for the athletes.

ITTF President Petra Sorin said: "One month from now, the best players in the world will gather in Chengdu. This is not only exciting, but also hard-won. Following the successful hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics After that, China will also host the World Table Tennis Championships team competition this year. The ITTF and the entire table tennis family are very proud of this. Affected by the epidemic, it has been four years since the last World Table Tennis Championships team competition. The Chengdu side, the China Table Tennis Association and the ITTF staff, who have overcome challenges, worked hard, and are willing to give; also thank the players and member associations for their strong support in this process. Let us continue to work together until the game ends successfully.”

The medal design for the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships team competition was also officially released today. The design integrates the shape of a panda, the structure of a traditional jade pendant and the outline of a table tennis racket, reflecting the urban characteristics and Chinese charm of Chengdu, implying complete auspiciousness.

Liu Guoliang, Executive Vice Chairman of the ITTF, Chairman of the WTT World Table Tennis Federation Council and Board Member, and Chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, said: "There is still one month before the opening of the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships. The preparations for all aspects are proceeding in an orderly manner. , everyone's expectations for this world's top table tennis event are getting stronger and stronger. I believe that with the arrival of the world's top athletes, table tennis will become a new business card for the ancient city of Chengdu."

Chengdu High-tech Zone Sports Center will be the venue for this competition. The venue was newly completed last year and is a modern, comprehensive, multi-functional and high-grade large-scale gymnasium. China has hosted the World Table Tennis Championships five times before, and Chengdu is the first city to host the event.

In order to ensure the smooth implementation of all aspects of the event, ITTF Group CEO Steve Denton will arrive in Chengdu in early September to make final and partial adjustments to the details.

Denton said: "For a large-scale event like the World Table Tennis Championships, the last month before the competition is crucial. Athletes, entourage and staff are preparing for their travel, so we need to do everything possible. Fully support them, provide them with a comfortable competition environment, safe passage and corresponding protection, and ensure that the athletes can participate in the best condition. Being there will help all parties to collaborate and communicate. I believe this will be an exciting event Unforgettable World Table Tennis Championships."

To support and ensure the most comprehensive coverage of athletes by the global media, the ITTF will provide remote exclusive access and media content, as well as schedules, match results, media descriptions, virtual mixed interview areas, briefing content, photos and other service. Please apply here: