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  • ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    ITTF Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant King Premium Table

    This premium table tennis table suitable for championships. Approved by ITTF and NSCC. Silver Undercarriage + Blue Light

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  • ITTF Approved Ping Pong Table

    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2

    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2 Official Table for 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Final Size of the table top: 2740*1525 mm with frame of 50*20 mm Height of table: 760 mm (adjustable) Bounce: 220-250 mm Bounce Uniformity: ≤ 5 mm Top glossiness: ≤ 6 Degree of deformation for half of the top: ≤ 3 mm Friction factor of the table top: ≤ 0.4 Stability of the table: ≤ 3 mm Top color: Blue Undercarriage: Made of A3 steel plate Packaging size of the table top: 1600*1455*250 mm Gross weight: 62 Kg Packaging size of the undercarriage: 1650*400*400 mm Gross weight: 75 Kg Professional Official ping pong table for International sport competitions from Double Fish Sport Brand! Table Tennis Series product include Ping Pong Table/ball/blade and so on.

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  • Official ping pong table for competition

    Official Table Tennis Table for Competitons XIANGYUN 328A

    Premium Double Foldable Portable Table Tennis Table, Compact design The new folding system minimizes the risk of injuries during table storage and moving. ITTF approved table tennis table.

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  • Official Durable Ping Pong Table for World Tour

    Official Durable Table Tennis Table for World Tour 99-45B

    ITTF approved official durable table tennis table for international tournament. Thickness of table board: 25mm TOURNAMENT QUALITY – This professional-grade table is designed for the highest level of competition. PERFECT FOR FAMILIES – Offers premium play for all ages. Go head-to-head or fold up for individual practice. 2-inch heavy gauge steel supports hold up to the toughest challenges. A great centerpiece for your game room, den, or gym. EASY ASSEMBLY –Start playing in minutes with simple Assembly. High-quality net is equipped with locking clamps that are easily attached.

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  • Best Quality Ping Pong Ball

    Best Quality Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Ball

    Double Fish V40+ Volant 3 Stars Table Tennis Balls Conform to ITTF lastest T3 Technical Standards. Approved by ITTF and official balls for Table Tennis Team World Cup 2018 in London. Higher bounce ,Tougher,Safer and more Durable than traditional celluloid ABS seamed ball.

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  • hinoki 1 table tennis blade wholesale

    Double Fish hinoki 1 table tennis blade


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Simple and effective! Basic Tactics of Table Tennis Competition Part 1

March 28,2023.
This article contains several basic tactics in table tennis games:

No.1 Serve and attack tactics
The purpose of serving and attacking is to win the initiative and preemptive strikes. It is the killer feature of the Chinese straight fast break style of play. In fact, it is not only the straight fast break, players of all types of play generally use the serve to seize the upper hand in each round. The effectiveness of serving and attacking tactics mainly depends on the quality of serving and the attack on the third board.

The type of play is different, and the serve and attack are also different. The commonly used serve and attack tactics are as follows:
1. Forehand serve and non-spin
2. Sideways forehand (high toss or low toss) to serve left up (down) spin
3. Serve the backhand top (down) spin ball on the right side
4. Fast backhand or fast backspin
5. Squat Serve

No.2 Return tactics

If serve-and-rush tactics are a sharp sword, then serve-and-serve tactics are a shield against that sword, and even a form of attack if the shield is used properly.

The level of receiving and serving can reflect the actual combat ability of athletes and the application degree of various basic technologies. Sometimes the receiver seems to be passive, but is only temporarily under control. If you destroy the server's attacking intention or create obstacles for him, it means that he has broken away from the controlled state and has changed from passive to active.

Commonly used return tactics are:
1. The Conservative Approach
2. Return and attack
3. Focus on the opponent's weakness and look for a breakthrough
4. Control the landing point of the serve return
5. Forehand sideways return serve

No.3 Rubbing Tactics
The rubbing tactic is a tactic used to assist the offensive style of play, using the changes in the rotation and landing point of the rubbing ball to create opportunities for offense. For players with a chopping style, the rubbing tactic is also one of the main tactics used to gain the initiative.
Commonly used kicking tactics are:
1. Combination of slow rubbing and fast rubbing
2. Combination of transfer and non-transfer
3. Rub the ball to change the line
4. Rub the ball to control the landing point
5. Knock Assault
6. Press and push or attack

Products Recommended
If you have practiced the tactics of the table tennis game, you need to have a suitable table tennis racket. Let’s take a look at our recommendations!

1. Double Fish king speed blade
Thin cypress wood is selected for the surface layer, equipped with external aromatic carbon fiber, the hitting speed near the table is fast, and the thick Ayu big core makes the COSCO table stalemate without losing strength.

2. Double Fish King strength blade
Thin cypress wood is selected for the surface layer, equipped with built-in aromatic carbon fiber, which has a clear feel and stable ball holding.

3. Double Fish king special base plate

Selected surface layer of thin cypress wood, equipped with external aromatic carbon fiber, using different woods on both sides of the force layer, changing the speed and power of the ball to highlight the control ability.