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    Double Fish Tournament Table Tennis Table Volant Dream 2 Official Table for 2016 ITTF World Tour Grand Final Size of the table top: 2740*1525 mm with frame of 50*20 mm Height of table: 760 mm (adjustable) Bounce: 220-250 mm Bounce Uniformity: ≤ 5 mm Top glossiness: ≤ 6 Degree of deformation for half of the top: ≤ 3 mm Friction factor of the table top: ≤ 0.4 Stability of the table: ≤ 3 mm Top color: Blue Undercarriage: Made of A3 steel plate Packaging size of the table top: 1600*1455*250 mm Gross weight: 62 Kg Packaging size of the undercarriage: 1650*400*400 mm Gross weight: 75 Kg Professional Official ping pong table for International sport competitions from Double Fish Sport Brand! Table Tennis Series product include Ping Pong Table/ball/blade and so on.

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The return of an Olympic ball

January 5,2024.
On the first working day of the New Year, in the office of Guangzhou Double Fish Sports Goods Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Double Fish Sports") located on Dongfeng West Road, Guangzhou, a 2024 Paris Olympics countdown board was hung on the wall, synchronizing with the rhythm of the national table tennis team. Here we begin to fully enter the pre-game state.

"Last week, the latest product modification opinion email sent by the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee was translated and printed out to more than 20 pages. We are organizing the R&D department, production department and marketing department to follow up and come up with a modification plan as soon as possible and prepare it before the Spring Festival. The stocking is completed." Liang Minming, the company's deputy general manager, said that the most important task at the moment is to ensure that the Olympic equipment is successfully sent to Paris this spring.

For a long time, China has not only been at the top level in table tennis competition, but its table tennis equipment manufacturing technology has also always been at the forefront of the world.

After 16 years, Double Fish table tennis once again returned to the Olympics. It stood out in the fierce global industry competition and was awarded the exclusive supplier of table tennis for the 2024 Paris Olympics and 2024 Paris Paralympics.

During this period, what kind of growth did the little table tennis player from Guangzhou experience? How does Double Fish Sports, which will become a time-honored brand in China at the end of 2023, show the new vitality of an old domestic brand in the world arena?

Parabola that wins applause

"The Olympic Games represent the top of the sports pyramid. To ensure nothing goes wrong, we must not only achieve 100%, but also exceed 100%." With this idea in mind, Double Fish Sports held the "2024 Paris Olympic Table Tennis Test" in August last year. "Game" brought a small surprise to the referees and the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee in advance.

The scene of the 2024 Paris Olympic table tennis test match held in August last year. (Photo provided by interviewee)

According to the rules of the event, more than one table tennis ball is used in each game. In order to facilitate the exchange of balls by athletes and referees and improve the compact rhythm of the game, Double Fish used the newly developed ball machine technology to "make their own decisions" to add a table tennis referee table for the Paris Olympic Games. With a ball server, you can change the ball with just one click of your finger.

When Liang Minming, the deputy general manager of Double Fish Sports, gave a live demonstration as a staff member and flicked the launcher button, he saw the table tennis ball rush out of the server on the referee's table, fly out in a beautiful parabola, and land accurately in front of the players. According to The trajectory of the size and weight of the table tennis ball is just right, neither too close nor too far.

As the little white ball flew into the air, the audience immediately burst into admiration and applause. A small change changed the operating model of Olympic events that has lasted for many years.

"Although I don't understand French and don't know what the referee is saying, I can clearly feel the warm atmosphere at the scene." Recalling this detail, Liang Minming raised the corners of his mouth, "Hearing applause in advance is a good sign. , we will definitely win more applause at the 2024 Paris Olympics."

Refreshed quality limits

Behind Liang Minming's confidence is the ability to compete with numbers, which has been cultivated by Double Fish Sports for more than 30 years in actual competition and competition equipment research and development experience.

Usually to measure the quality of a table tennis ball, roundness, center of gravity, hardness, weight, and elasticity are several key indicators. According to the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF, referred to as "ITTF") standards: the elasticity tolerance of table tennis balls should be less than 25mm, the weight tolerance should be less than 0.1g, the roundness tolerance should be less than 0.24mm, and the hardness tolerance should be less than 0.15mm. On this basis, Double Fish Sports' ball for the Paris Olympics has repeatedly reduced the tolerance number to achieve an elasticity tolerance of no more than 4mm, a weight tolerance of only 0.015g, a roundness tolerance of 0.04mm, and a hardness tolerance of 0.03mm.

It is more precise and superior than the ITTF international competition ball standard, which means that users will feel a high-quality table tennis product with more uniform roundness, stronger elasticity, more accurate hitting point, and more stable ball quality.

Double Fish Sports Table Tennis Production Line

Du Yinhuan, technical engineer of Double Fish Sports, said that the later the number of decimal points in the tolerance number, the more precise the production process and factory inspection level will be tested. To this end, Double Fish Sports has developed a unique set of testing standards based on years of experience in participating in major events. "Three times for roundness, five times for center of gravity, three times for hardness, one time for weight, two times for inner and outer surfaces, and one time for elasticity, a total of almost 15 times." Du Yinhuan counted them one by one with his fingers, in order to ensure product quality and achieve Olympic standards. , Double Fish has set 15 inspection levels for table tennis balls after leaving the factory, which far exceeds the ITTF standards.

Two innovations in table tennis materials

Regardless of the production process or testing technology, Double Fish' standards are much higher than those of the ITTF. Liang Minming said, "After these years of development, the overall technical level of Chinese enterprises has been improving, and they have considerable say in the ITTF, playing an important role in the formulation of standards and technological reforms for some equipment products. The development of table tennis materials Two iterations of upgrades, Double Fish is also one of the main players.”

In 2014, the table tennis industry ushered in a major reform in history. According to the ITTF resolution, the celluloid (nitrocellulose plastic) balls that have been used for more than 120 years will be completely withdrawn from the table tennis arena. "Celluloid" material is simple and light, but there is a prominent safety hazard in that it will deflagrate when exposed to fire. This is why table tennis balls were previously classified as contraband and were strictly prohibited on airplanes, which virtually increased storage and transportation costs and event risks. .

Although there is great resistance to reform, it is imperative. In this challenge, Double Fish was one of the first companies to respond positively and immediately started the research, development, production and application of new materials.

In 2014, table tennis balls made of green and environmentally friendly cellulose acetate were put on sale for the first time in the world. However, because they were not resistant to falling, within two years, cellulose acetate was replaced by ABS, which is safer and more durable. material instead. ABS is an engineering plastic that is widely used in automobiles, electronics and other fields. It has high stiffness, hardness, toughness, impact resistance and cold resistance.

Not only that, this change in the ball material also places higher demands on the physical fitness of table tennis players. The new material table tennis balls spin and slow down, forcing table tennis players to adjust their techniques, tactics and scoring methods. After the change, athletes with comprehensive technical systems and three-dimensional attacks have the upper hand.

The third generation of table tennis balls made of ABS material began to dominate the arena, and Double Fish accelerated the launch of products with better performance. In 2015, Double Fish' new product "40+ Samsung Table Tennis Ball" was officially approved by the ITTF as a ball for international competitions, becoming one of the first new generation table tennis balls to pass the ITTF's new T3 technical standard test. Subsequently, the new product "Double Fish V40 + Samsung ABS material seamed ball" was also selected by the ITTF as the ball for two consecutive Table Tennis Team World Cups in 2018 and 2019.

The ball used for the Paris Olympics is specially customized based on the "Double Fish V40 + Samsung ABS material seamed ball". Liang Minming said that not only the Olympics, but every event we participate in, Double Fish Sports will go all out. "This is like entering the semi-finals of a table tennis match. There is no situation where one player can 100% restrain other opponents. Every game needs to be played with all one’s strength.”

Precisely because a group of Chinese companies, represented by Double Fish Sports, have continued to improve and lead in production technology, in recent years the equipment supply for important international table tennis events has been basically taken over by Chinese companies.

From 2003 to 2020, Double Fish products have been used in the ITTF year-end finals for 17 consecutive years. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Double Fish table tennis balls were designated for use. Double Fish achieved the "Grand Slam" achievement of providing competition equipment for the three major international table tennis events: "World Championships, World Cup, and Olympic Games".

Time-honored brand opens new horizons

After 16 years, Double Fish Sports once again stood in the Olympic arena and had a new identity-a Chinese time-honored brand.

On December 21, 2023, the Circulation Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce released a new list of Chinese time-honored brands to be recognized. A total of 388 brands were shortlisted, including 14 new faces from Guangdong, including Pearl River Piano, Foshan Lighting, Double Fish Sports, etc. "The companies on the list reflect the richer business formats of Chinese time-honored brands, including not only the traditional food industry, but also companies with more international vision and growth potential such as Double Fish Sports." said Fan Yiping, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Time-honored Brands Working Committee.

The sustainable development of enterprises requires continuous pursuit of innovation, and time-honored brands should also embrace the new era. The "70-year-old" Double Fish has been actively "connecting with the Internet" in recent years, accumulating efforts to become younger, constantly enriching the connotation of the time-honored brand, and becoming the national business card of table tennis equipment.

In 2022, the Double Fish "Super 5th Generation Serving Machine" product stood out from nearly 11,000 entries from around the world and won the German IF Design Award. Double Fish Sports also became the only company in the domestic table tennis equipment industry to win this honor. In addition, Double Fish Sports has also developed a super 3rd generation ball machine wireless remote control, an intelligent ball machine high school entrance examination system, and a multi-functional table to promote the development of sports in the direction of popularization, universalization, and fun.

Nowadays, Double Fish no longer only has table tennis, but also has Jinque badminton series, Changhong foot, basketball and volleyball series. At the same time, it has expanded from the manufacturing of sporting goods to sports services and sports apparel, creating a new pattern of industrial interaction of "one main and two wings". Liang Zhixiong, assistant to the general manager of Guangzhou Double Fish Sports Goods Group Co., Ltd., emphasized that Double Fish now has a completely new look.