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CHANGHONG Football/Basketball/Volleyball Series

Rainbow footballs were used in the following competitions:

National Sports Games Football Competitions

Guangdong Universiade Sports Games Football Competitions

Guangxin Football Super League Competitions

Guangdong-Hongkong Cup Football Competitions

Rainbow Basketballs were used in the belowing competitions:

1. National Universiade Basketball Elite Invitation Competition

2. Guangdong Province Women Basketball League competition

3. Basketball Competition China Open

4. Guangdong Province Universiade Basketball League competition

5. Guangdong Province Universiade 3 persons Basketball competition

6. Guangdong Province Middle Students Basketball Championship.

Rainbow Volleyballs were used in belowing competitions:

Guangdong Province Universiade Volleyball Competitions

Guangdong Province Universiade Championships

Guangdong Province Middle School Student Volleyball Championships

Guangzhou City Middle School Student Sports Volleyball Competitions

FC502 FOOTBALL is the official ball used in Guangxi Football Super leagues.

FC502 FOOTBALL is the official ball used in Guangdong university students football matches

FC402 FOOTBALL is used in all kinds of Football league matches.


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