2017 "Double Fish Cup" Finals in Guangzhou

December 7,2017.
2017 ”Double Fish Cup” Finals was held in Guangzhou in Dec.2-3, 2017. There are 12 table tennis teams attended this event from different provinces of China and one team from Vietnam.

The players are from professional table tennis clubs and also amateurs. The players from Vietnam Team, they are former Vietnam national team and former Ho Chi Minh team.

CCTV5 Sports Channel reported this event and interviewed the players from Vietnam at the venue.

The champion is Beijing team, the second place is Henan team, the third place is Sichuan team. Olympic Champion ChenQi make the live commentary for the “Double Fish Cup” Final match.

The double fish Volant king was used as the main table in this event, and the double fish 3 star table tennis balls which will be used in the team world cup in London 2018-2019 was used in this event.

2017 Double Fish Cup